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your business pit crew
• we are experienced business managers.
• we support your team maximize their performance.
• we are cycle time reduction experts.
your technical partner
• we are product development experts.
• we are seasoned designers and engineers.
• we solve simultaneous problems!
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key challenges in implementing digital methods where hands once stood
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rapid prototyping data collection simplified
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info at finelt dot com
our proven track record of cycle time reduction and quality improvement has increased profitability for each and every client.

we have developed proprietary techniques to focus on the critical success factors that drop to the bottom line in manufacturing and in critical manufacturability issues identified during product development.

we understand product development. we live it every day. time, product definition, profitability, product cost challenge us.

ask us about how we can assist you in improving your profitability through better product development.

we welcome challenges as opportunity
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