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things you should know - tools you should have
a compiled list of precious metal alloys
9kt to 12 jewelry alloys 10kt jewelry alloys 14kt - 16kt jewelry alloys
14kt nickel bearing jlry alloys 18kt - 24kt jewelry alloys pre-plumb 14kt jewelry alloys
unusual gold jewelry alloys gold - platinum - palladium alloys industrial gold alloys
platinum alloys palladium alloys cadmium bearing gold solders
cadmium bearing silver solders silver alloys alloy chemistry, density, cost per gram and item weights
are a part of these spreadsheets.
cad tools

volume to weight converter

enter the volume in cubic millimeters or cubic inches in this form and see the estimated weight of your object in a large variety of metals.

your cad system should be able to give you this data. if you don't know how, email me.

all these tools are excel spreadsheets that allow for some user input.
please look for "input" cells.
they have a pretty blue background.
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